Jackie Gibney

Food Safety & Health Screening Manager

Jackie has worked in the microbiology department of CLS for over fifteen years. With this strong foundation of on-the-ground knowledge and experience, she established the Health Screening Department with CLS in January 2007. The Health Screening department carries out infectious disease screening and cotinine testing on oral fluid samples using a dried blood collection card. Customers of the service include a number of Irish financial institutions. In addition, Jackie successfully manages the Food Safety Services at CLS providing hygiene training for a multitude of clients as well as Food Safety Audits to IS 340:2007 and IS 341:2007 standards


Jackie holds a degree in Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Science and is an honours graduate in Biopharmaceuticals and Healthcare Science from Galway Mayo Institute of Technology [GMIT]. She also completed an RBAI Food Safety Management Systems Auditor/Lead Auditor course.