CLS offers the following services to the State Bodies & Local Authorities industries

Microbiology analysis and testing has been one of the core competencies at CLS since its initial establishment. CLS’s dedicated team of highly qualified, experienced analysts provide the industry with qualitative and quantitative analysis.
CLS has three dedicated laboratories in our Microbiology Department, Pharmaceutical, Water and Food.



Cleanroom Classification:

Cleanrooms are Classified A-D; classifications are awarded in accordance with the number and size of particles per volume of air.

Validation Projects:

CLS Medical Device & Pharma Testing can conduct a wide range of customised validation projects. This can be an already prepared project that has been specified and scoped out by our client or in consultation with CLS. There is a valuable resource of expertise and knowledge that can be shared within our team and programmes can be drawn up and agreed.

Analytical Microbiology:

  • Microbial limit testing of raw materials and finished products
  • Endotoxin test method development, validation and subsequent testing using gel clot and kinetic turbidometric methodologies as per FDA /AASMI Guidelines
  • Bioburden method development, validation and subsequent testing as per ISO 11737
  • Validation and subsequent routine monitoring of water systems
  • Identification of microorganisms (API,VITEK )
  • Detergent and disinfectants testing as per USP
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Drinking/Process Water Sampling & Analysis

The presence of bacteria and pathogenic (disease-causing) organisms is a concern when considering the safety of drinking water or water used in the preparation of foods. Pathogenic organisms can cause intestinal infections, dysentery, hepatitis, typhoid fever, cholera, and other illnesses. Bacterial contamination cannot be detected by sight, smell or taste. The only way to determine if a water supply contains bacteria is to test it.
CLS provide a range of microbiological testing services for drinking water, process water and ice to comply with the EC (Drinking Water) (No.2) Regulations 2007.

Our service includes:

  • Pathogen Detection
  • Indicator Bacteria enumeration e.g. Total Coliforms
  • Legionella Risk Assesment/Sampling/Analysis/Control
  • Cryptosporidium Analysis.

Cryptosporidium is a protozoan organism which causes cryptosporidiosis. Cryptosporidium parvum is now recognised as a human pathogen which can cause severe diarrheal illness. Ingestion of drinking water contaminated with viable Cryptosporidium oocysts, the environmentally resistant form of the organism, is the major mode of transmission. Cryptosporidium is introduced into the water supply via animal excreta containing oocysts.

Please see information regarding Water testing at CLS


Microbiology Food Analysis

  • Pathogen Detection
  • Food Spoilage bacteria enumeration
  • Shelf life testing
  • Salmonella Control Programme
  • Food Safety Programme/ Audits
  • Abattoir Testing and Analysis
  • Foreign Body Identification
  • Investigation of Food Poisoning complaints.

All of the above are carried out in accordance with HACCP, ensuring that your Food Safety Management, Preventative Management and Product Sampling are all meeting the required standard.

Chemical Food Analysis, is also offered by CLS

  • Salt Analysis
  • Nitrates and Nitrites

Please see more information regarding Food Testing at CLS


CLS performs an extensive range of environmental sampling and performs chemical and microbiological analysis in its INAB accredited testing laboratory Reg No. 108T. The company has a successful track record as a provider of customer centred services in all aspects of environmental monitoring. This includes compliance monitoring of drinking water sources, ground water, surface water and waste water. The company also specialises in IPPC license monitoring, landfill and waste facility monitoring nationwide. Our comprehensive services include air and noise monitoring as well as flow and load surveys. CLS’s state of the art laboratories are fully equipped with all necessary infrastructures to store, handle and analyse large numbers of samples. Each project is based on an approved set of management processes that provides structure to our organisations and enables us to control the quality of our products and services.

CLS’s Environmental department has a team of experienced scientists across three divisions; the environmental laboratory based, analytical laboratory based and the team of dedicated sampling personnel who carry out large scale environmental sampling, in accordance with ISO 5667 requirements and European legislation, nationwide. All sampling and analysis will follow written procedures and will be carried out in accordance with the requirements of our ISO 17025 and ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System

Our Clients

  • Government Agencies, Local Authorities
  • Licence Holders (IPPC, Waste, Discharge) for more information click here
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Industry / Engineering Companies
  • Group Water Schemes

Please see CLS Environmental Monitoring for more detailed information

Health screening

In 2006, Complete Laboratory Solutions (CLS), an innovative and technology driven laboratory, was approached by Bank of Ireland Life to develop a non-invasive bloodborne virus screening and cotinine testing method.

In response to this market demand, the Health Screening Department was formed. Aided with our technical capabilities and expertise this department was developed within CLS and is the only Irish owned laboratory offering HIV, Hep B, Hep C screening and cotinine testing on oral fluid samples.

The Orasure Collection Device Kits with prepaid tamper proof self-addressed envelopes are provided by CLS, giving greater accessibility and choice to our clients on a national level. CLS currently provides all of Bank of Ireland Life and New Ireland’s bloodborne virus screening and cotinine testing requirements.

Complete Laboratory Solutions offers qualitative screening using the OraSure® Oral Specimen Collection device for bloodborne viruses and also for cotinine testing. Please click on the test for more detail.

Test Provided:

Bloodborne Viruses
HIV Antibody
Hepatitis B
(surface Antigen and Core Antibody)
Hepatitis C Antibody

Please see CLS Health screening for more detailed information

Analysts on Contract

Analysts on Contract allows our pharmaceutical clients to upskill their workforce and capabilities without the implications of recruitment and training.

CLS’s contract staff have a wide range of capabilities tailored to the pharmaceutical industry and chemistry, microbiology & environmental monitoring are all covered in great detail by CLS training programmes. These training programmes can be customised to CLS’s client’s specifications if requested.

Please see our Analysts on Contract page for more information.

Pipe Sterilisation

In response to increased legislation and public awareness, pipe and tank sterilisation was established at CLS in 1998, utilising our vast experience in both microbiological and chemical analysis. CLS’s dedicated team of specialists liaises with our clients at every stage of the process, from Legionella Risk Assessments to analysis and interpretation of results.

Please see CLS Pipe Sterilisation page for more detail

CLS Training Programmes

With the emergence of new food safety legislation, the need for formal training of food workers has been encapsulated in law. To enable our clients to comply with legislative requirements CLS have developed a range of training programmes. Qualified and experienced members of the CLS team deliver all of our training programmes. Programmes can be individually tailored to meet the needs and policies of your business. Organisations can avail of all courses in-house or onsite at CLS. All course times are flexible to accommodate busy food businesses. CLS trainers are FÁS certified.

List of programmes available:

  • Hygiene Training
  • Legionella Training
  • Food Labelling Training
  • GMP Training

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