CLS offers the following services to the Occupational Health industry.


Complete Laboratory Solutions offers qualitative screening using the OraSure® Oral Specimen Collection device for bloodborne viruses and also for cotinine testing. The OraSure® Oral Specimen Collection device collects, contains and preserves oral fluid specimens until they reach the laboratory for analysis.

The OraSure® Collection device consists of a treated absorbent cotton fibre pad affixed to a nylon stick and a preservative solution in a plastic container. The pad is placed in contact with the gingival mucosa (between the lower gum and cheek) of the patient and rubbed back and forth gently along the gum line until the pad is moist. This enhances the flow of mucosal transudate onto the absorptive cotton fibres of the pad. The pad remains stationary for 2-5 minutes.

Following the collection period, the collection pad is removed from the mouth and placed into a specimen vial. The vial contains a preservative solution which inhibits the growth of oral microorganisms recovered on the collection pad. The vial is sealed with a plastic cap and transported to the laboratory for analysis.

The sample collected is an ultrafiltrate of blood known as Oral Mucosal Transudate (OMT) and as such offers a really accurate option to identify an individual’s status for blood borne viruses. Now you will only need to collect blood samples for further investigation where infection and/or infectivity have already been identified.

Test Provided

Bloodborne Viruses Smoking
HIV Antibody Cotinine
Hepatitis B (surface Antigen and Core Antibody)
Hepatitis C Antibody

Please see CLS Healthscreening for more detailed information

Pipe Sterilisation

In response to increased legislation and public awareness, pipe and tank sterilisation was established at CLS in 1998, utilising our vast experience in both microbiological and chemical analysis. CLS’s dedicated team of specialists liaises with our clients at every stage of the process, from Legionella Risk Assessments to analysis and interpretation of results.

Please see CLS Pipe Sterilisation page for more detailed information

CLS Training Programmes

With the emergence of new food safety legislation, the need for formal training of food workers has been encapsulated in law. To enable our clients to comply with legislative requirements CLS have developed a range of training programmes. Qualified and experienced members of the CLS team deliver all of our training programmes. Programmes can be individually tailored to meet the needs and policies of your business. Organisations can avail of all courses in-house or onsite at CLS. All course times are flexible to accommodate busy food businesses. CLS trainers are FÁS certified.

List of programmes available:

  • Hygiene Training
  • Legionella Training
  • Food Labelling Training
  • GMP Training

Please see CLS Training Programme for more detailed information

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